Destination Specialists

We are proud of the dynamic destinations we manage, and our team of experts is on top of their game when it comes to having comprehensive knowledge of the market.

Premium Services

No request is too complex, and no detail is too small. 19 years of serving the crème de la crème has trained us to perfect the art of crafting experiences for discerning guests.

Business Excellence

Exceeding our clients’ expectations is our focus, and our organisational practices center on achieving that goal. Our performance is measured by how happy our stakeholders are.

Region’s Highly Acclaimed Destination Management Company

We work exclusively with 5* and selected 4* properties in order to ensure that a basic standard of quality and service is maintained. Our team is an expert in each of the properties we have contracted with, offering in-depth knowledge of the rooms, facilities, and restaurants. Our bilateral partnership with the suppliers allows us access to hard-to-get suites and villas, preferential rates, and the latest offers. We are highly competitive in our pricing and quick in our response.


We offer all the popular experiences available in our destinations, with a focus on quality and attention to detail. However, what makes us stand apart are the themed excursions and programs that are specially designed by our experience engineers and available exclusively to our partners. Unlike most other companies in the region, we are also proud to have our own recently upgraded desert camp in Dubai that offers a unique and luxurious setting with an avant-garde cultural experience.


We have at our disposal an extensive fleet of vehicles, which range from regular saloon cars to the most premium and glamorous ones. Be it an airport transfer, a private tour, or simply a chauffeur at your service to take you around the city, we would be happy to arrange a vehicle that fits your budget and suits your style. Our fleet is less than 3 years old, fully  insured, and in excellent condition. We are also happy to provide value-added benefits such as Wi-Fi on special request.

Fully-escorted Group Tours

For those who love to travel with company, we offer an exceptional solution with our small group tours with just 12 to 24 guests. From imaginative trips to off-the-beaten path experiences where you can explore behind the scenes, interact with the locals and visit their homes, walk around traditional villages, and listen to beautiful stories, our seasoned Tour Directors will ensure that you are a part of an unconventional and personalised adventure.

MICE Management

Managing large-scale business trips and corporate travel is a different ballgame altogether, and we recognise that. This is why we have a specialised in-house team dedicated to planning, booking, and facilitating conferences, seminars, and other events. Our sister company, Events Lab, specialises in providing tailored, world-class corporate event management solutions with the highest levels of quality, service excellence, and efficient execution.

Multi-destination Handling

We operate in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Maldives, and Mauritius with local partnerships and destination experts. If you’re looking for an itinerary that combines any of these destinations, we would be happy to tailor-make your ideal multi-destination getaway. We ensure a seamless experience across the destinations with a single point of contact and a high quality of personalised service.

The Destination Management Company by Choice
Exceptional Client Care

We know what quality guest service is and how to implement it. Our multilingual, highly-trained team of experts is available at your service. 24 x 7.

Creative Solution Architects

We are product and market innovators, and our solution architects are in constant search of new ways to enhance the travel experience of our guests.

Excellent Industry Relations

Our strong relationships with suppliers have helped us secure preferential rates, priority access to inventory, and quick and effective assistance.

Seasoned Executive Team

Hand-picked by our CEO himself, our executive team boasts over 75 years of combined experience and an undeniable passion for the industry we operate in.

Diverse Product Portfolio

We have both crafted packages that cater to a mass market as well as niche and exclusive products for the discerning travellers, crafted with attention to details.

Strong Financial Foundation

We are financially stable and reliable, with 14 years of perfect financial history and a sizeable liability insurance policy covering guests for any unforeseen incidents.
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